Kerala has Western ghats on the Eastern border and  Arabian sea on the West, with 44 rivers flowing through this narrow strip of land mass (majority of them flowing westward, eroding vast amount of soil mass from the mountain ranges and  the constant beating of sea waves created low barrier islands on the mouths of these rivers) unique topography extending up to 500 miles on the North –  South axis of Kerala.

Kerala Boat Races

Boat racing is a very popular water sports conducted during the monsoon season in some of the chief lakes and back waters in Kerala. Being part and parcel of the rich traditional & cultural grandeur of Kerala, it gives one a plethora of authentic experiences that Kerala offers to the discerning visitors.

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Marking the end of monsoons and welcoming the harvest season, this Kerala festival, Onam is a Hindu festival celebrated annually, all over India with its origin in the Kerala state. One of the biggest festivals of the state, Onam is celebrated for 10 days during the Malayalam month of Chingam which fills the heart of people with gaiety, and brings them together to be a part of this vibrant and cultural festival.

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