Eastern Europe

This place is defined as many times as the number of scholars that made a mark here in culture, art, social and economics. Eastern land was once ruled and dominated by the Greeks, Byzantine, Eastern Orthodox, Russian, and Ottomans. These were legendary groups who made their marks in history to be remembered. Ever heard of the Eastern Bloc that built Cold War? This was it!

There are tons of places to visit in case you want to these places with such historic importance. Tallinn, Riga, Bucharest are filled with museums and medieval old town and art, central markets and beaches. Gdansk, Vilnius, Kyiv, Lviv, Wroclaw, Sofia, Tartu, Plovdiv are places mounted by ancient cathedrals, fountains and panoramic views. Torun, Sevastopol, Minsk are places where you will find planetariums, museums, gothic art, historic monuments and a sense of what it must have been like during the World Wars! These are few places that are named. There are loads more to explore and being greedy here is definitely allowed!

There’s Sunny Beach, Varna, Nessebar, Anapa, Sozopol, Mamaia, Sochi, Obzor, Alushta, Vityazevo,  and many other places like these where you will find chains of beaches, casinos, Sea Fishery Museums, lavish imperial palaces, sea side resorts and waterparks. The vibes of these places are similar to LA or Miami. The people, the food, the exotic sceneries, and everything that would make a perfect holiday destination is all here at this part of the continent.

Bansko, Borovets, Bukovel, Tatra Mountains, Pamporovo, Krasnaya Polyana, Poiana Brasov, Harrachov, Abzakovo, Pirin and many others join the list of winter sports spots for adrenaline junkies. If you are someone who really loves to watch winter sports or rather play them to experience the thrill involved, then these segments of places is definitely for you.  These places have everything in them. They have overnight staying resorts, skiing spots, food and other stop-and-dine spots, skating ranches, mountaineering, hiking destinations and experiences that could last a lifetime! Mountains and lakes and other natural habitats are all set to be in such pristine beauty that they are accoladed for their scenic sense. There are monasteries and places of stay that offer therapy to calm your senses and experience meditation from the gurus themselves.