Middle East

It’s often a mystery to see something growing on a land that was once called The Arabian Lands of Sand! This area in geography was recognized as a self-sustainable land, with tons of natural resources. Today, it has come a long way from mere petroleum exports and luxury yachts; It is today a hotspot for Billionaires and Millionaires from around the world, most importantly for their tourism, their infrastructural facility, magnificent one-of-a-king engineering marvels, and their amazing hospitality!

Although this region is mostly Muslim-dominated, you will be surprised to find the welcoming nature and tolerance they exhibit towards tourists. Dubai is a nice place to kickstart from. It houses the famous Burj Khalifa, huge malls, Atlantis resorts on artificial islands and do you need another single reason to visit this place? Similar examples are in Ottoman Empires with Turkish city Istanbul, famous for its architecture and legacy from Asia and Europe; There is Cairo, Egypt, in case you want to be chased by Mummies! That apart, you have the world-wonders, The Great Pyramids. A private tour in these areas will leave you spell bound. Have you imagined the tech and science behind lifting those huge building-sized boulders to the peak while building the pyramids?

This place is filled with a large number of luxury resorts, wilderness wonders, canyons, rafting adventures, waterfalls and something for all! There is Marmaris (resort in Turkey), Manavgat (waterfalls, rivers, canyons), Muscat (Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Mirani Fort, beaches with diving sites), Safaga (Kitesurfing, snorkeling), Gadot (rafting and rivers), the infamous Dead Sea (Salt lake with resorts and spa, a Biblical sites) and what not? This place is promised to have adventures that hold lasting impressions for a lifetime.

Eco tourism and nature is given a lot of importance and promoted on a large scale. Helen Protected Area is one such place, Darende is also an addition with waterfalls and scenic sense, Do Polan is also one such site that promotes eco-tourism, Alanya the famous resort and Kursunlu Waterfall, Hurghada in Egypt, Taurus Mountain, Manavgat, Koprulu Canyon,  and an endless list of places cumulate to be what we call, “eco zones” balancing tourism and nature hand-in-hand.

This place is made such that one can brag about it much and not do justice to it all. Its always such a pleasure to embark on a soul-searching journey in these lands. There are clear distinguishers in terms of adventure sports, recreational activities, separate sites for parachuting, paragliding, resorts, architectural marvels, brilliant monument, and of course the Police patrolling the streets in Lamborghinis. Move on Leisure is at your service to help you with whatever you need to make an album full of memories.