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East Asia

Once regarded as the cradle of ancient civilizations, is now home to almost 2 billion people on the planet. This region contains the world’s metropolises such as Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, Shanghai and endless archipelagoes at the borders of the Great Pacific.

The Far East Asian Sub-Continent region houses China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Mongolia, North Korea, South Korea and Taiwan. Venture with Move on Leisure to know what every country has in store for you.

China might surprise you with its history when you take a stroll through Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, The Great Wall, Old Silk Road in the Turkic Xinjiang province and scores of Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an. There are tons of hiking destinations laced with sky scrapers such as the iconic karst scenery in the Guilin, Guangxi Province, Tibetan Plateau, Pudong – shanghai, Potala Palace – Lhasa, and the Great Everest!

Hong Kong will welcome you for a soul-searching experience, with its 268 steps climb to the Tian Tan Buddha on Lantau Island. Hire a tram to take you through the Victoria Park right in the central region. Star Ferry will leave you spell bound on the way to Kowloon with the best skyline views. Macau is no less, featuring centuries-old Portuguese Architecture and ruins. Taipei’s 101 will also give you a bit of an insight as to how the fetish of creating the tallest towers came into existence.

Japan, the land of the rising sun, will leave you with more than what you are seeking to experience. This is the land where bullet trains first dawned; try your hand at the Vertical Pinball-Pachinko, experience a ride in the world’s largest Caldera in Mount Aso and what not? You will be taken in a trance while walking through the manic neon districts of Shinjuku, Tokyo, the Peace Park and Peace Museum will help you get a glimpse of what Hiroshima and Nagasaki overcame to be where they are, today. For adventurer junkies, there are tons of spewing-ash volcano in the bay of Kagoshima. This is truly a mini Silicon Valley that has its tech developed in various different ways. Kyoto, the ancient capital of this country-island, is truly a cultural heart with many ancient Buddhist temples.

North and South Korea are rather the silent giants, who have cradled cultural importance of the land. You should never miss the Arirang Festival’s Mass Games in Pyongyang; Visit the DMZ, the last frontier of Cold War, to catch a sight on what war history can speak of. Mongolia’s Kazakh Eagle Hunter’s festival in Olgii attracts world’s tourist every year in huge numbers.

Though the far east is a land known to keep up its heritage and culture, you will find tons to experience in this spirited land. Move on Leisure promises to leave you with a culture and diversity filled experience in this land that stitched religion, culture, heritage in a way like none other.