East Africa

Preferred to be called as the ‘Lonely land’ much because, a visit to this place will help you secure expressions and experiences that will make you ponder, slow down and appreciate everything you see as you move. It hosts a wild realm of extraordinary landscapes at the Earth’s most beautiful corners

The most important collateral to this part of the continent is the infinite National Parks. Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda cradles these beauties. Katavi NP (Western Tanzania), Serengeti NP (Northern Tanzania), Mahale Mountains NP (Western Tanzania), Ruaha National Park (Southern Highlands), Tarangire National Park (Northern Tanzania), Mt Kilimanjaro NP (Northern Tanzania), Bwindi Impenetrable NP (Southern Uganda), Amboseli NP (Southeastern Kenya) are all a part of this mystery corner. Needless to say, these places offer amazing safari, elephant rides, tourism experiences and many more adrenaline escalating activities. Hell’s Gate NP offers a private Bike Tour too!

Zanzibar Archipelago and Town has been a hotspot for a combination of wild-life watching, iconic landscapes, diving and snorkeling, with many historic locations to visit. Queen Elizabet National Park has extraordinarily rich bird-life, and tree-climbing lions. Not to miss hiking in the Kyambura Gorge to spot some Chimpanzees and other primates. Uplands of the Great Rift Valley offers the regions most spectacular scenery, with their numerous mountains and trail bearing itinerary paths.

Africa is a land of the tales as old as time. The next generation of millennials learn about their ancestors from the legendary stories known to have spread by the spirits of the wind. Journey here with Move on Leisure to have a lasting mark on your soul!